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This law obviously varies for female foreign teachers who choose to teach in Saudi Arabia without their partner or male family members, but be sure to ask your school or placement provider how you should navigate the country as a solo female teacher.

Females are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia; this is one of the most notorious bans related to women in Saudi Arabia.

The strictness of Saudi Arabia’s laws also varies based on an individual's gender, as gender roles are very distinct in Saudi Arabian culture and society.

To successfully teach abroad in Saudi Arabia, you'll need to learn to read between the lines and pay attention to local customs everywhere you go.

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Saudi Arabia, considered to be the World’s Last Forbidden Kingdom, has a set of specific laws to govern its people.

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The government tends to decide the legality of actions based on the Islamic law or on the basis of whether or not it will lead people away from Islam.

Regardless of the type of employment they pursue, women are always required to cover their faces during working hours.

Non-Muslims are not allowed to worship in public in Saudi Arabia, and there are not many (if any) non-Muslim places of worship in major cities throughout the country.

Valentine’s day is not celebrated and individuals are prohibited from wearing or selling anything red on the 14th of February.

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Flower shops and gift shops are not allowed to sell roses or heart-shaped novelties either.

This law also includes promotion or display of personal religious items, like religious books and symbols (i.e. Since Saudi Arabia follows the beliefs of Islam, this law attempts to prevent non-Muslims from trying to convert or share religious ideas with Muslims.